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20 20 Distillery

20 20 Distillery’s name is a play on the words 20/20 vision, and what a vision it is!

Brian (owner and visionary) has brought to life his superb dream of a high end, thoroughly detailed and upmarket distillery whilst keeping the spirits as traditional and uncomplicated a blend as possible. When your eyes scan around you can see nothing was left to chance. The finest details are seen throughout; from copper bar utensils, down to the little cocktail picks, and all the way up to the impressive and beautiful copper still warmly named Bill after Brian’s uncle who inspired his gin devotion and distilling journey.

Brian and his mate and manager Danny, are a perfect team who work together with the same vision in mind. The way they give you such a warm and friendly welcome and show you around, introducing each named still, makes you feel like you’re visiting old friends in a really cool, modern and industrial luxe warehouse. You get the feeling they have been observing and taking notes as guests at other distilleries for years and have implemented everything you could want including what you didn’t realise you wanted – from a distillery.

Their passion and respect for 20 20 Distillery is contagious and you can’t help but feel the same once experienced.

Now their gins…well I can honestly say they are second to none! I was thrilled they took me on a 20 20 Distillery gin tour, and it is very impressive indeed, with creative and interesting gin convergences using natural and high-quality ingredients produced similar to the traditions of London Dry Gin in the 1700s. Their appealing gin blends definitely surprise and delight the tastebuds and could convert any gin sceptic.

Some of the ingredients they use are quandong (Australian native bush peach), macadamia shells from Sunshine Coast’s Nutworks and for their other gin liqueurs, Pink Gin and Queen Garnet Gin, they use raspberries and plums also sourced locally on the Sunshine Coast.

However this is only a taste of what’s to come considering this inspired distillery is bringing forth 16 new release gins, one every six months for the next eight years.

An all-round indulgent experience which everyone should treat themselves to!

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